The current 13-15 biennium grant application cycle is closed. Any additional opportunities for funding will be announced and a link provided to the application. Please check back regularly for updates.

WATPA grant policies and procedures govern this funding process.

Grant Policies

Non-supplanting Declaration

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Cynthia Jordan, Administrative Assistant


The Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority (WATPA) is authorized to provide financial support for use by public agencies to combat and prevent motor vehicle theft and other related crime.

The Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority, through a competitive grant process, allocates moneys appropriated from the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Account in the Washington State Treasury to public agencies for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, and supporting programs that are designed to prevent motor vehicle theft and other related crime. These shall include

  • Financial support to prosecution agencies to increase the effectiveness of motor vehicle theft prosecution.
  • Financial support to a unit of local government or a team consisting of units of local governments to increase the effectiveness of motor vehicle theft enforcement.
  • Financial support for the procurement of equipment and technologies for use by law enforcement agencies for the purpose of enforcing motor vehicle theft laws.
  • Financial support for programs that are designed to educate and assist the public in the prevention of motor vehicle theft.


FAQ's Semi-Annual Progress Report

Semi-Annual Progress Report
(to be used for ALL WATPA funded activity and equipment)


Grant Reimbursement Instructions

Mini-Grant Reimbursement Request Form

General Grant Reimbursement Request Form



WATPA Extension Awards

$21,000 - Sunnyside Police Department Auto Theft Prevention

WATPA Mini-Grant - October 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

$8,784 - Bellevue Police Department

$3,300 - Buckley Police Department

$25,000 - Longview Police Department

$35,000 - Pacific County Sheriff's Office

$10,000 - Puyallup Police Department

WATPA General Grants - January 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013

$1,655,000 - PATROL Auto Theft Task Force
Lead Agency... Federal Way

$1,000,000 - ACE (Auto Crimes Enforcement)
Lead Agency... Lakewood Police Department

$193,847 - East King County Coorperative Auto Theft Initiative
Lead Agency... Redmond Police Department

$45,000 - Tri-Cities Regional Auto Theft Network
Lead Agency... Richland Police Department

$1,255,000 - SNOKAT
(Snohomish King County Auto Theft Task Force)
Lead Agency... Snohomish County Sheriff's Office

$330,000 - COMBAT
(Combined OPerational Measures to Battle Auto Theft)
Lead Agency... Vancouver Police Department

$173,840 - Yakima County Sheriff's Auto Theft Reduction Unit
Lead Agency... Yakima County Sheriff


$800,000 - South King County – PATROL Task Force 
Lead Agency: Federal Way PD

$600,000 - Snohomish County (SNOCAT)
Lead Agency: Snohomish County SO

$500,000 - Pierce County - RATU
Lead Agency: Lakewood PD

$160,000 - Spokane County Auto Theft Prevention Task Force
Llead Agency: Spokane PD

$160,000 - Southwest Washington Auto Theft Taskforce
Lead Agency: Vancouver PD

$148,036 - East King County Cooperative Auto Theft Initiative
Lead Agencies: Kirkland PD and Redmond PD

$96,679 - Yakima County Auto Theft Prevention Program
Leasd Agency: Yakima County Sheriff

$42,000 - Sunnyside Police Department



A car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is the
automotive equivalent
of human “DNA”

Older model vehicles generally have less
“built in” anti-theft features such as alarms and keyless entry, making them easier targets for thieves.